This tranquil residence by Garret Cord Werner, Architects & Interior Designers is at-one with nature. The Seattle area home maintains an understated external appearance while providing an open and airy interior. Its Japanese-inspired architecture articulates the flow of water and provides a Zen-like resort destination, in the middle of the metropolis. A spine of water is the focal point of the home, dividing public and private spaces with glazed interior bridges that also connect the spaces. These sliding glass elements allow the homeowner to either incorporate the water into the space, or allow it to serve as a serene, visible element. The waterway begins with a reflection pond at the entrance to the home, then transitions to a lap pool that is positioned within the core of the residence. Finally, the waterway ends with an infinity spa, overlooking private views of Lake Washington and the surrounding pine trees.

As with all projects by Garret Cord Werner, this home was designed with an inside-out philosophy. Vast expanses of glazing fully open the living spaces to the exterior experiences, blurring the line between inside and outside. The result is a blend of the interior and exterior environments, surrounded by mature foliage, maintaining the site’s sense of serenity and seclusion. Uniting the architecture, interiors, and landscape as one holistic design is what evokes a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.