This 6,800 square foot home was designed for entertaining and displaying the client’s extensive northwest art collection. The home merges the exterior & interior spaces to provide a seamless environment with the northwest landscape. A dramatic center pavilion (architecture by Jim Olson) focuses in on a grand thirty-five foot long dining table that floats on two pedestals (by Garret Cord Werner). The table was engineered & constructed out of mahogany wood and nickel-plated steel sections. The table may be disassembled to provide a flexible party space. All cabinetry was designed by Garret Cord Werner. Working in collaboration with Jim Olson, the master bathroom floor plan was redesigned from initial floor plans, and was transformed into an inside-out experience. A custom designed sunken bath is the focus of the room- one of Garret Cord Werner’s signature bathroom features that you will see on other projects such as the “City Home Remodel”. Blurring the lines of the interior to the exterior, we believe, is an important element for all architectural projects. The nickel & fused glass powder rooms in the project are also by Garret Cord Werner.