This Seattle lakefront home had many conditions that made the project a design-challenge. What started out as an interior furnishings project became a virtual rebuild, using the existing foundation. In order to comply with city requirements, the new design was restricted to the footprint of the previous home. The discovery of mold within the home led to the uncovering of dramatic structural issues, resulting in a change of scope evolving to become a complete remodel. The client desired a clean, contemporary home that would open-up views of Lake Washington. To achieve this, most interior walls on the main floor were removed and ceilings were raised where possible. The entryway and stairs were completely redesigned. The use of blackened steel, stainless steel, and wood defined the palette of the new interior and exterior architectural elements. Using these materials on both the inside and the outside of the home unified the design. Along this theme, the same details of the exterior entry bridge railings were used in the main interior space, creating harmony throughout the design.