This elegant 4,600 square foot home is situated on a slope and sits back from the street, providing a classic, timeless, and understated presence. Concrete and cedar create a pleasant contrast to the lush greenery surrounding the home. By nestling the house into the ground, the design features two volumes on shifted planes with varying floors levels to highlight a playful circulation experience throughout the home. The journey begins at the entry, located at a lower level, and leads into a sun-soaked stairwell that is cleverly daylit from a window above. With three bedrooms on the upper level, and another bedroom and office on the lower level, the floorplan maximizes the use of space while simultaneously creating transparent, light-filled rooms that seek to blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces.

On the main level, an open kitchen and family room provides a direct line of access from the front deck to the backyard. By concealing electrical and HVAC behind cabinets, along with installing infinity windows above the counters, the kitchen starts to become an open atrium featuring a vibrant living wall with a skylight above. Continuous ceiling planks in the family room create a frameless perspective that blends the interior space with the outdoor deck. The living areas are configured to maximize sunlight in each room. Every space was carefully considered to allow multiple views of the city and to provide a layered living experience all throughout the home.