Visionary – Garret Cord Werner

Project: Waterfront Pavilion

Garret Cord Werner’s holistic approach to design seamlessly blends interior and exterior spaces, bringing the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape into the home.

The view through the house follows the pool, from the reflecting pond by the entry, to the views of Lake Washington.

At the center of this modern home, a central axis of water flows from an exterior reflecting pond to an interior pool.

In the realm of architectural & design services, Garret Cord Werner Architecture & Interior Designers stand out as the preeminent experts in creating unparalleled resort-style living experiences in custom homes. They specialize in curating breathtaking resort homes & sculpting enchanting landscapes, offering a holistic approach to enrich living environments. With a mastery that spans architecture, interiors, & landscape design, they ensure a seamless fusion of practicality & beauty. Whether the client’s imagination wanders to a tranquil haven or a lavish villa commanding majestic views, they breathe life into the client’s dreams with meticulous attention to detail & creativity. Harnessing the power of innovative technology, they seamlessly collaborate with clients from near and afar, ensuring every aspect of their vision is meticulously captured throughout the journey. Photo realistic renderings & videos transport clients into the future, allowing them to envision their home before it materializes. Garret Cord Werner Architecture & Interior Designers are honored to bring client’s dreams to life, shaping spaces that not only reflect their lifestyle but also embody the essence of resort living in its most authentic form.

From This home’s entrance combines reflecting pools and dramatic natural rock outcroppings.

The use of scale and volume allows this residence to feel expansive.

Pared back materials like steel, wood, and concrete accentuate the home’s architectural elements.

The interior rock The primary suite opens to a footbridge that separates the pool from the spa.


Publication – Park City Style Magazine
Published – 2024