Crescent Cove

The design of this 5,300 sqft home incorporates the sloped landscape of the existing site to create an “elevated ranch” experience. To fulfill the client’s wish for added privacy, the entrance is located on the lower level, while all the living spaces are placed on the main level above. The entry sequence is a grand procession through the eight feet wide lower hallway, up a sunlit stairwell, and leading into the great room. On the other side of the hallway, there is the master bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bathrooms. The open floor plan of the great room consists of the kitchen, living, and dining areas. The dining area with sliding doors opens out onto a deck and swimming pool overlooking the street. This engages the interior living areas with the outdoor environment, while also creating a separation between private and public space.

Important attention is given to the use of materials, proportions, and light. Natural daylight in the stairwell accentuates the glass railings and suspended wood stair treads. By allowing warm natural light to filter in, the basement level, usually an overlooked area, is celebrated. A uniform material palette is achieved by using the same cedar on the exterior of the house, ceilings, and in the interior hallways. Floor-to-ceiling windows separating the main hallway from the exterior of the house, creates an illusion of the exterior cedar siding slipping pass the glass and into the house. This creates another seamless transition between interior and exterior. The home’s natural contemporary look is achieved with a neutral backdrop palette that includes oak floors, concrete, and porcelain tiles.