Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers has provided professional design services to residential and commercial clients since 1996. Our firm specializes in modern and contemporary residential architecture and interior design that is warm and inviting. Our design philosophy is to combine architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture as one holistic design process. The founder Garret Werner grew up in the family business of real-estate development and high-end residential construction. Through his unique background, Garret Werner gained invaluable hands on experience and a keen understanding of construction that is uncommon in the profession. Garret’s in-depth construction knowledge and experience paired with years of professional training and over a decade of design experience has enabled him to lead the firm to produce projects that are timeless and unmatched in style and refinement. The firm originally began work as a specialized interior design firm producing highly detailed architectural interiors. Over the years the firm worked closely with some of the most talented architects, designers, builders, and artisans in the industry including Robert Ledingham & Jim Olson to name a few. Through these design collaborations and close relationships the firm’s professional services expanded and evolved to include comprehensive architectural services. Our design team includes both talented architects and interior designers that work in tandem with a unique vision that combines architectural & interior design perspectives equally. The result is the best of both worlds, and as a result our projects are beautiful inside and out. We continue to collaborate with other talented architects and designers and are equally at home working as a team or independently on projects depending on the client’s desires and project requirements. Our projects fuse fine architecture and interior detailing with metropolitan necessities, such as storage, convenience, and multi-use spaces that incorporate elements of technology, color, and light to help shape and compose beautiful enduring and award winning architecture and Interiors. In addition to our design services, our firm manufactures its own specialty lighting, furnishings, and hand woven rugs that can be customize for any project. We service clients worldwide, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest.


Working with artisans and craftspeople is essential to our work. We believe that architecture and interiors are one body that is stitched together by the details in the design. These details are only achieved by incorporating the talents of specialized trades and artists that can create elements such as fused and slumped glass, metal fabrications, custom furniture, and textile arts. In other words the architecture and interiors including the art are formed together to create a seamless environment. In nearly all our projects, we collaborate with craftspeople to fabricate specific architectural elements so that the detail of the work relates directly to the larger expression. Over the years our firm has made long standing relationships with specialized craftspeople that enables us to offer complete custom furnishings, lighting, hand woven carpets, and unique accessories directly to our clients. Most of the furnishings you see in our showroom and in our completed projects have been custom designed and manufactured by our company for individual clients. If you’re looking for something specific we can design it for you with personalized requirements to fit your space, budget, and desired comfort.


We believe sustainability begins first with analyzing the entire design of a home, from the building site itself, to the orientation of buildings to the sun, and in minimizing construction waste, to making smart choices for building systems including the material selections for both the exterior and interior of a building. We use creative methods of incorporating natural ventilation, passive cooling, utilizing the power of the sun, minimizing energy use, and incorporating recycled and reclaimed materials where appropriate. We review the life cycle and cost analyses of various systems and when possible employ green roof technology, solar collection, and other technologies to save energy and that lower the impact to the environment in which we all live.


Service is what earns respect and provides results. With over a decade of successful design service and repeat clientele, our reputation for performance and excellence in design is unequaled. Our firm offers complete design services from architecture to interiors and hard landscape integration, including residential, commercial, and hospitality. Our firm has completed projects in many countries and locations around the world, if you have any questions about our services please contact us for details, we would be happy to discuss your project with you. Garret Cord Werner LLC is a registered architectural firm in Washington State. All services may not be available in all areas… In Vancouver, B.C. and some other out of state areas where we are not registered architects, only “home design” & permit drawings are provided per regulatory requirements and definitions.