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The Vancouver Sun

September 12th, 1998

Bathrooms have to be functional. But they’re also places where designers can let their imaginations run a little wild. Garret Cord Werner, a bright young star with Robert Ledingham’s interior design team, says the Hollywood-style master bath he designed for one West Vancouver couple is probably more luxurious that they would have thought of them selves. And now that it’s done? The lady of the house recently told Werner: “It makes me feel like a princess.” The original bathroom, dating from the 1960’s, was tiled from floor to ceiling, giving it an institutional feel. The shower area featured sliding glass doors to a private deck at the side of the house – something that might have been a design plus, only now the deck had become un-used and was wasted space.

Werner decided to push the walls of the bathroom out, claiming the area occupied by the deck. Views to the lush greenery beyond would still be enjoyed, through an exterior glass block wall in the shower and a picture window over the raised soaker tub. Expanding the bathroom allowed Werner to make room for a unique foyer, which links the master bathroom and the bedroom. Here, we find a make-up counter that truly is worthy of royalty. It’s topped with blue-flecked granite and surrounded by shiny curved cabinets in powder blue metallic lacquer (the same paint that’s used for cars). The flooring is highly polished black porcelain tile. Overhead, a dome in the ceiling is side painted with silver leaf and backlit for a shimmery, reflective effect. A simple white leather bench with silver-leafed metal legs, sits in front of the make-up counter. Two lights are equipped with dimmers to control their intensity: recessed lights have been installed overhead. For a sleeker look, electrical outlets are hidden inside the cabinetry and drawers have been left free of hardware. On one side of the foyer, double doors lead to a huge walk-in closet. On the other is the main part of the bathroom, with his and hers” sinks, the shower and tub and a separate water closet, with a toilet and bidet
By Susan Balcom: The Vancouver Sun